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In the beginning…

As this is the beginning of my blog, it seems only appropriate to talk about beginning in magic. I’ve been doing magic for about two years, and looking back it seems that the beginning is one of the most crucial parts of a magician’s development. This is the make it or break it period. When starting out, the world of magic seems massive, daunting even. There are so many magicians, so many effects, so many other versions of those effects, so many opinions, and so many everything. It’s extremely difficult to decide where to look, what to purchase, or who to listen to. But even more so challenging, is the beginning of the technical aspect. The idea of practicing frequently is not yet drilled into one’s head, and when results don’t come quick it’s quite discouraging for the young magician. But what really sends the upcoming performer the importance of practice is that first, mind-blowing reaction.

I remember the first time I performed the popularized version of Two Card Monte; it was nerve racking. I had been practicing religiously for days on end, and could perform the sleights with my eyes closed. I still couldn’t stop thinking, “How are people not supposed to see this top change thing?” I performed it for a family member, and getting away with what seemed to me (at the time) was an obvious sleight changed my thoughts about magic. The reactions I got from that single trick made me realize how crucial practicing was, and when the effort was put into it, how beautiful magic could be.

In magic, you have to stick with it to see results. The reactions you create are commensurate with the time and effort you put into practicing. In the beginning when you’re just starting out, it may seem impossible, but you have to keep at it. For me, it’s all for the reactions, and that first successful performance is usually what inspires people. And that’s still what drives me to this day. The look of astonishment and wonder on a spectators face is what fuels my desire. I love the idea of bringing one small moment where reality is altered and allows people to see things from almost a child-like state of perception, no matter how brief. So, what pushes you forward? I’d like to hear where others inspiration comes from, so feel free to comment and explain why you keep performing.

Posted: July 11th, 2010
at 1:29am by Robin Carey

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  1. To be incredible is to be misunderstood.

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    30 Jul 10 at 11:50 pm


  2. Great site! much appreciated.

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    ZX-14 lady

    28 Aug 10 at 4:08 am


  3. I ran across this blog and am looking for a college aged magician to come to a luncheon and walk around the tables performing magic tricks. Is this something you do? Are you in the South Bend, IN area?


    1 Oct 10 at 11:30 am



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