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Overcoming Nerves

Hi all,
As I said in my previous post, I had pushed magic back for a while. Both my blog and my performances. But, I performed today! This was the first time in months that I’ve actually sat down and done multiple effects for multiple spectators. It made me realize how much I miss the rush of performance. At first, it was nerve-racking. As I started to take the cards out my hands were shaking violently and my mind was flustered. This didn’t last too long, as I was performing for some of my friends at my high-school. Just to ensure I didn’t make a mistake from my unsteady hands, I started out with nearly self-working material. Then once I got back into the groove of things, everyone starting having fun. I did Benjamin Earl’s Thought of Card to Pocket, a mental deck effect, my own variation on a two card location, 3CM, and finally Stairway. After I finished 3CM one girl was literally almost crying. It was a blast. The situation made me think though… What if I was doing magic for spectators I hadn’t met before?

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Thus we get to the point of my post this afternoon. Even after two years of practicing, performing, practicing, etc. I still get extremely nervous before I start showing people my material. Sometimes the nerves even deter me from performing at all. I know that the more I just go out and do it the less they’ll affect me, but I was wondering if anyone had tips on getting over the initial shakiness. Anything that you guys use to help overcome those first waves of tension, just enough to get past the beginning and into the meat of the performance. I’d love to hear how you deal with this in your own performances, so go ahead and share your ideas in a comment.

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Posted: November 4th, 2010
at 2:07pm by Robin Carey

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  1. Cool post dude I had that problem, its been years since I have performed and my hands were shaking when I did a simple card trick. I discovered it was the fear that makes us shake the fear of messing up. And I read this chapter on fearlessness in jack can fields book the “success principles”. He says you can never get rid of fear but you can be aware that its there and move with it. “feel the fear but do it anyways” I got past my shakiness as I kept performing for different people once you get into the groove your good, just keep on performing.

    Phillip Thai

    4 Nov 10 at 3:47 pm


  2. Hey Phillip. I’ll have to check that out, I love Jack Canfield’s work. Definitely an inspiring man. I never thought of trying to near the fear into an asset rather than a liability.

    Robin Carey

    Robin Carey

    6 Nov 10 at 6:51 am



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