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Essential Magic Conference 2010 DVDs

The Eseentail Magic Conference was the first of its kind. It was a completely online magic conference with many of magics great minds and top thinkers presenting. It was a fun event to watch & be a part of live.

Essential Magic Conference

But the cool thing about it was the DVD sets. As part of the registration we were promised DVD copies of the entire event, so we could watch and rewatch any part. This definitely gave it a bit of an edge over regular conventions since you can see everything again.
There was, well is, a problem about those DVDs. First, at the conclusion of EMC, we were told we would recieve the DVD set “by the end of the year” in a newsletter the EMC team sent out. We have heard little to nothing from the team this year and are still left in the dark.

Now, we’re seeing these DVD sets pop up on major magic retailers such as Penguin and Murphy’s Magic. There’s nothing wrong with the DVDs being sold to retailers, I expected that to happen. The issue is that they’re being sold before the actual members of the conference get their own copies. The “limited access” of the conference was stressed repeatedly, and yet someone could buy the DVD set and have it shipped to their house before I get any word on where mine is. Something seems a bit off.

Posted: March 4th, 2011
at 12:29pm by Robin Carey

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Projected Living Room

I recently came across this video and found it quite interesting. There’s a set of living room furniture, all white. Then two projectors are set up to project over this plain furniture. This creates a ” real-life skinning effect”, as the page says.

The room changes themes, colors, walls, and floors in a matter of seconds. Depending on how difficult or time consuming this actually is to set up, I wonder if it could be used for backdrops or scenery for projects pertaining to magic. Or what other possibilities lie within projecting videos onto the surfaces… very good food for thought.

Posted: March 2nd, 2011
at 1:18am by Robin Carey

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