The Blue Crown

There’s a fairly new magic site (about a month old) founded by Alex Pandrea. It’s called The Blue Crown and looks like the start of something great. They have six products available right now, 3 DVDs and 3 downloads. These effects are from great magicians such as Tony Chang, David Roth, Dan Hauss, and Alex himself. They also have a blog with some insightful advice Tony Chang and Joshua Jay. Not only that but the site is beautifully and skillfully designed.

Blue Crown

If you enjoy their original style, check out their Limited Edition Art Book they have for sale. You can have it autographed by all the contributors too. It’s a bit too pricey in my opinion but, you get what you pay for. The book is top quality and a lot of work went into producing it. The Blue Crown is also selling some really cool Expert at the Card Table T-shirt. I saw quite a few people wearing these at Magic-Con last week and they look great. I’m waiting to get one when their playing cards come out.

Erdnase T-Shirt

That’s right, they’re producing their own deck of cards. With the Crown’s sense of style and design I’ll bet the deck will be nothing short of elegant. All the information they’ve released so far is the cryptic “coming soon” picture posted below. Hopefully Alex will decide to give us a sneak peak soon?

Blue Crown Playing Cards

Well this site looks like it has great potential. An awesome line-up of artists, some solid effects from the beginning, and hopefully a lot more in store. Definitely a place to check out and see where it goes.

Posted: April 6th, 2011
at 12:24pm by Robin Carey

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