Comparative Review: Theory11 Sentinels to Bee Stingers

A user on the theory11 forums asked for a comparison between the new Sentinels and Bee Stingers, so here goes.

Sentinel Court Cards

Finish: The decks have very similar finishes. The Sentinels, however, feel a bit smoother. They slide easier and don’t cause as much friction against the hand as the Stingers during sleights like the classic color change.

Feel: The Stingers are a bit thicker than the Sentinels; as a result the Sentinels have more of a snap to them, and have been easier to break in. The Stingers hold crimps much better though. No major clumping issues from either after extensive use.

Durability: I’ve been using my Sentinels constantly for the past 5 days, and so far they’ve held up fine. No deterioration in spreads or fans. The Stingers, however, are definitely durable. I’ve had a pack of them without a box for over a year now, and they still feel great. Good spreads, fans, cuts, and theres no negative effect on any slights.

Bee Stingers Display

The Sentinels seem like a better deck for performing magic. The back design, redone court cards, and more rounded pips are sure to draw in a spectators attention. They slide a bit easier than the Stingers too, which helps out a few sleights. The small pips, however, don’t look all the great when fanned or spread out. The Stingers normal-sized pips look much better. Also the Stingers hold together for aerials, whereas the Sentinels love to fall apart in mid air. If you’re getting them for magic, go for Sentinels. For flourishing, try out the Stingers. If you have any other questions about these two decks, or want them compared to another deck, go ahead and leave a comment.

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Posted: August 16th, 2010
at 5:21pm by Robin Carey

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