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This is my review for Eclipse by Eric Jones, sold over at Theory11. It’ll be my first “effect” review so if you have any questions or would like to know, please leave a comment! This is an extremely versatile move with a quite a few applications. Let’s get into it;


Intro: The intro starts off with Eric talking a little bit about what the move can do. Then he goes into mechanic’s grip. I thought that was a good idea as it would be extremely helpful to a beginner who just picked this up, or someone who holds the cards in a different grip. Next Eric walks you through the grip for Eclipse, the move itself, and everything in between. The teaching is crystal clear and just the right speed to understand everything.

Follow Along: After the introduction there’s a Follow Along section which is really nice. Eric does the move from multiple angles at different speeds so you can see how it works and how it should look from all around. This helps you get a solid idea of what the move looks like. The only thing that I didn’t like about this section was the speed; I’m sure it’s useful for some, but I found myself sitting and waiting for him to move on.

Final Recap: There’s one last recap from straight on so you can see it the way spectators would. After that Eric goes into a few tips and little things to aid in the learning process. This is where the video get’s really good though; he delves into the applications of the moves. It’s a great way to switch out a signed card for an ACR, allowing you to display the card to the audience right before so there’s no suspicion. Lastly, Eric talks about the angles and ways to maximize your good spots.

Eclipse 3

As a Color Change: This is what caught my eye in the preview. Eclipse makes an awesome change. It’s very visual, as you see the card when he raises it up and without any funny moves he brings it back down as a different card. It’s quick and, the most important part, the movements are motivated. You’re raising the card up to blow on the face and then immediately bringing it back into view. Very clean, very cool. Just with the other explanations Eric goes through the move as a change multiple times and from many different angles (including from the front, the spectators view). The teaching is easy to follow as with all of Eric’s stuff.

As a Double Lift: Seeing all this applications makes me wonder where else you could go with this. Eclipse gives you a good method to take back a selection and secretly load a card underneath, putting you in the position of a double before you turn it back over. There aren’t any fishy or odd movements, just the action of displaying the card. The other advantage this has is it doesn’t require a break or get ready. You can just go right into it.

Common Issues: Eric walks through some common pitfalls or blocks to the learning process here. This is where you can really tell Eric has worked with this move extensively. He talks about a lot of things I’ve come across when practicing and made them 100 times easier.

Eclipse 2

Overall: Eclipse is best described as a utility move. When you learn this technique you’re learning a double lift, a top change, a color change, and many other things. The move isn’t difficult per se, but knacky. It’ll take a while to get used to bringing the card in and out of that position but it’s not a hard process. It just takes practice. My only qualm with Eclipse is that it’s an odd position to display the card in. That shouldn’t affect performances though. Eric Jones goes over just a couple ideas but there are many more out there. Plus, for only $6.95, and you get at least three moves? Definitely worth the purchase.

Images from Theory11

Posted: April 1st, 2011
at 12:26pm by Robin Carey

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  1. This is an awesome revie, good job. But im really not shore to get Eclipse or Twitch by Eric Simatus, they both look awesome. Could you please post a review on Twitch aswell, that would be really helpfull, cheers. :)

    Cameron. Wright

    1 Apr 11 at 5:24 pm


  2. Sure thing Cameron, check back some time tomorrow and it should be up!

    Robin Carey

    Robin Carey

    1 Apr 11 at 5:38 pm



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