Loops :: How to Tie, Store, and Carry

I’m sure everyone reading this has either seen loops in action or used loops themselves. A user on the T11 forums posted a really helpful video about loop management. He shows his method of tying homemade ones as well as how to construct a “gimmick” to carry them on you. The knot he shows works just as well as pre-made, purchased loops and the storage method is very useful. I’ve always wanted to carry extras around with me in case of one breaking or getting snagged, and this makes it a breeze. You will need the original card that Mesika’s loops came on to utilize his tips. (The video has an odd name so it’s not found be laymen, and it’s unlisted too.)

Posted: August 30th, 2010
at 1:14am by Robin Carey

Categories: General Artifice

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