Magic-Con Cards :: Review

This is a quick review of the Magic-Con playing cards, which were available at Magic Con 2011.

NOTE: These were given out at Magic-Con and available for purchase there. As of right now there are rumors Dan and Dave will sell them on their site, but no confirmation yet.

MC Squared

Feel: The cards feel a lot like a good ol’ deck of Bicycles. People have said that D&D used a different, higher quality finish on these but it’s nothing extremely noticeable. The biggest defining quality when I took them out of the box was the softness. They were flexible right away, just like the first run of Erdnase decks. So they broke in extremelt quickly. From what I saw at Magic-Con and as I continue to play with them, they seem to have a bit longer of a usuable life than bikes. Alex Pandrea shared a few thoughts about his as well.

Ace of Spades

Design: Normally I review the design, Court Cards, Spot Cards, Ace of Spades, and Jokers all seperately. But for this review there’s no point; it’s all standard. The back design is the v4 & v5 Smoke and Mirrors design, but without the D&D logo. And instead of small circles, they’re small, 5 pointed stars. They look like Paper Denim with a darker shade of blue. The backs are pretty simple. I like them, but some of my friends have said “Those look boring” compared to S&M or Tally Ho’s I usually have. The picture cards and spot cards are regular bicycle style. The Ace of Spades is literally just a giant spade. Very basic, just like the backs. There weren’t any Jokers. In place of them were ad cards, one for Genii, one for Magic-Con itself, and a card with a description of Magic-Con. Sort of like a mission statement.

Deck Box

Box: The box follows the simplistic feel of the deck. Big Spade on the front with “Magic-Con 2011 San Diego”, and the back design along with sponsors on the back. I was glad that they actually put the year & location of the conference. It helps give them collectibility.


So here are the ratings:
Feel- 8/10
Design- 7/10
Overall- 7.5/10

If you’re a collector or just like cards, I’d say these are worth getting your hands on. They’re a piece of Magic history in a way and are one of a kind. The feel and design didn’t have the quality of Smoke & Mirrors, but then again I don’t think they were meant to. The deck was an awesome addition to the registration packet this year and a cool keepsake from the conference.

Posted: March 30th, 2011
at 12:53am by Robin Carey

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