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There’s a lot that’s been going on in the Magic world lately so I figured I’d do a news update. First off, Dan and Dave started out their own clothing line. Their debut consists of two T-Shirts called 52 Leagues. The two shirts feature the same design but in different colors. As with all of D&D’s products I’ms sure they are high quality. They better be with that price tag anyway.

“Our latest venture goes beyond anything we’ve done before and into the exciting world of fashion. D&D Clothing was inspired from our interest in design and love for magic, this new endeavor expresses a lifestyle we know will appeal to the magic enthusiast of all ages and levels.”

Next up is The Crown Deck. The Blue Crown is an up-and-coming magic site run by Alex Pandrea. Ever since they’ve started, The Blue Crown has kept a high-level of professionalism. It’s an impressive project and I’m sure we’re going to see great things from them in the future. This Friday The Blue Crown is releasing their first deck of cards, The Crown Deck. There’s a lot of pictures up on FaceBook, as well as a contest you enter by tagging yourself in one of them. Rumor has it that these cards will be a limited run so I’d recommend picking a few up this Friday.

In other card related news Lance T. Miller, artist behind the Bicycle Gargoyle deck, is starting up a new project. Tentatively named the Steampunk deck, he’s trying to start the whole process himself. If this deck is the same quality of the last one then I can’t wait to get a pack. He’s just about halfway there with his pledges. Check out the page on Kickstarter and pledge if you like the idea. If you give $10 or more then he sends you a deck once they’re produced. Check the right side of the page for the different prize tiers and help Lance out.

A little farther off in the distance is EMC 2011. This is the Essential Magic Conference. Last year was their first run in 2010 and it was awesome. It’s a completely online conference streamed live. It’s $90 to sign up and worth every penny. Last year the wealth of information was crazy. There are all kinds of presenters from all corners of the world of magic.

The Speakers have already been announced including names like Apollo Robbins, Lennart Green, Dan and Dave, Eric Mead, Max Maven, and many others. You can see a video including all the presenters here. EMC is great if you have friends into magic as you can split the cost and invite them all over to watch. It lasts 3 days, July 7th through July 8th. The best part is that you get DVDs of all the presentations and lectures, as well as bonus material. I plan on doing a review for the box set sometime during June before the conference so you guys can see what they’re like.

Images taken from their respective websites.

Posted: May 9th, 2011
at 11:53am by Robin Carey

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