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Hello everyone!
As you may have noticed, my blog was a bit stagnant last week. This was due to a combination of school, work, and a few other things. But my last exam is tomorrow so after that I should be right back on track.
I ended the poll as well. I’ve got quite a bit of a workload planned out for the near future, and I just posted the second part to the Sentinels review yesterday. Starting tomorrow I’ll be putting up the reviews for Foundations by Jason England. I’m going to do them one 1-on-1 at a time and there are 8 in total. After that I’ll have my review for the Conjuring Arts Bee Smith Back No. 2 ready to go. So stay tuned, good things are in store.

Posted: May 1st, 2011
at 9:54am by Robin Carey

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