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I want to start this post off by saying Thank you. Yes you, reading this right now. I’ve had an overwhelming response to the reviews in the past couple days. It’s awesome to know that the stuff I put up actually helps you guys out. That’s the whole reason I write these reviews. And if you guys ever have any suggestions, comments, or ideas feel free to say them! We’ve got a few exciting things in store for the site so stay tuned. (Maybe some contests with cool prizes?) Again, thank you guys.

There’s been a couple brand new releases this weekend and Dan and Dave as well as Theory11. The one I’m most excited about are the new Red Bee Stingers! They look incredible and I’m curious to see if the changes Theory 11 made in the stock and finish are noticeable. The first stingers were smooth and durable so if these shouldn’t disappoint. You guys can expect a review for them as soon as I get my hands on a pack.

Bee [red] Stingers

T11 also put out another interesting deck of playing cards, Bicycle Titanium Edition. I have some reservations about these. Don’t get me wrong, they look cool from the pictures and I’m excited to see them in person. I just wonder if the metallic is going to be too subtle and go by unnoticed, just right, or too pronounced and distracting. Knowing Theory11 and the playing cards they produce I’ll bet it’s a good balance. Titanium bicycles seem like a unique looking deck, but still have the sense of familiarity for spectators. Again, check for a review soon.

Bicycle Titanium

Dan & Dave also had some cool new stuff up for grabs on Friday. Papercuts by Chris Hestnes Was their big project. I won’t talk to much about it here, as I did an extensive review of it a few days ago. Check that out if you have any questions about the DVD.

Their other release was some Magic-Con Swag. This including Magic-Con playing cards and the Magic Con programs. If you’re interested in the playing cards they are, sadly, sold out. The programs are still available tough. Very nice booklets with information and some effects/ideas from each presenter. I talked more about them in my Magic-Con Day One post. If you didn’t get to make it there this year, this is your only chance to get one of these.

MC2 Goodies

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. The swamp of new releases should keep us all busy for a while. If new playing cards aren’t enough for you then you could always check out new effects like Twitch or Eclipse. If you guys have any specific products you want reviewed or just want to talk about these, leave a comment. We love to hear what you all have to say!

Images from Theory11 and D&D

Posted: April 3rd, 2011
at 4:07pm by Robin Carey

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