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Next on my review list is TWiTCH by Eric Simmatis, sold by Theory11. I’m going to try a different, more streamlined approach to this one as opposed to my Eclipse review. If you like this direction better, like the way I did Eclipse better, or think I should mix it up just drop a comment and let me know.

Theory 11 seems to be on a theme with Twitch and Eclipse. They both look extremely similar, but the handling and methods are very different. Also they both have a lot of the same application abilities.


Method: Eric Simmatis explains how the technique here originated as a sort of flourish he developed. Then his friend sped the move up, making it into a color change. The idea here is pretty clever. I had one of those moments where I thought wow, that really is a new idea. It’s definitely a knacky move but, just as with Eclipse, not too terribly difficult. You’ll just have to get your fingers use to it.

Angles: The best view for this effect is head on. If you have spectators too far to the left or right, this thing will look funky.That being said, you have many ways of maximizing that good angle. Unless you plan on performing in a complete semi-circle these shouldn’t be an issue.

Applications: During the video when Eric showed the “tabled” version of Twitch I actually said, out loud, “Wow that’s cool!” When you toss the card down the move is practically non existent. Also his TNR shown in the preview video is really visual and easy to do once the main move is down.

Difficulty: I touched on this before; the method is not difficult but knacky. Just like with Eclipse, TWiTCH isn’t a knuckle buster but will take some time to train your fingers. Which will be time well spent.


Overall: Twitch is a fun move to practice and has quite a few applications. It’s a legitimate, practical color change as well as an impromptu TNR and a tabled top change. Again, just as with Eclipse, the position you hold the card in is slightly odd. I’m still on the fence about this. But for now, the fun in learning the move and seeing its potentially far outweighs that minuscule issue. When you buy TWiTCH you get a few great moves and an enjoyable move to practice. If you enjoy color changes or simply adding new moves to your repertoire I recommend checking this one out.

Images form Theory11

Posted: April 2nd, 2011
at 11:00am by Robin Carey

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